Ice, Dry Ice & Propane

Ice Deliveries & Bagged Ice for Pickup

Be nice and remember the ice!


Bagged or block ice for any occasion, big or small.

  • 5 lb bags, 20 lb bags, and 10 lb blocks in stock!
  • 40 lb bagged ice is available with 3-day advanced order.

We Deliver the Ice!

We deliver ice to restaurants, hotels, corporate events, social gatherings, and more. Geographic or quantity limitations may apply.

Call 978-258-7583 if you have questions about ice deliveries.

Ice Package Options:

  • 20 and 40 LB BAGGED ICE – works well for large coolers or for 20-30 person events.
  • 7-PACK BAGGED ICE – Each 7-pack sleeve contains seven 5 lb bags of ice. Perfect for gatherings with about 20 people.
  • 10 LB BLOCK ICE – 10 lb blocks fit nicely in your cooler and last longer!
    Perfect for a long day at the beach or on the boat!

Ice the brews, chill the drinks and cool the cocktails to keep your parties lively!

Dry Ice

The ideal coolant for shipping vaccines, frozen perishables and lab samples

We sell Preowned Coolers for storing and shipping. Call ahead to check supplies 978-258-7583.

Our Dry Ice:

  • Comes in convenient pellet form
  • Sold by the pound
  • Perfect for freezing or refrigeration with no power
Dry ice

Create a Fun Foggy Scene! When placed in hot water, dry ice creates a fog effect that’s perfect for Halloween and staging special effects & Volcano Cakes!

Dry ice

Ship vaccines safely! We’re prepared to handle the need for dry ice for shipping new COVID vaccines.

Too Cool to Handle Did you know that dry ice is solid carbon dioxide? It is super cold at -109.3°F!

Dry ice is NOT recommended for shipping live lobsters. It can kill and freeze them instantly!

To learn about safe handling and many practical uses for dry ice, visit

For Dry Ice Deliveries, please call us at 978-258-7583.


Ladies & Gentlemen, gas up your grills… and forklifts!


Restauranteurs, keep outdoor dining comfortable for your patrons!

Haffners propane

We’re a Haffner’s Authorized Propane Filling Station. And remember what they say, “It kicks!”

Propane tanks for gas grills, forklifts, patio heaters, motor vehicles, etc. filled here!

Note that we are a filling station only. No home delivery service but we do provide tank exchange deliveries for commercial customers!

  • Exchange portable tanks for grills, outdoor heaters, fire pits, fryers, forklifts and other propane-powered equipment.
  • Tank sizes for exchange:  20 lb. (home gas grills) | 30 lb. | 33.5 lb. (forklifts) | 40 lb.
  • Convenient propane tank exchange delivery service. Call 978-258-7583.

Why Choose Propane?

  • CLEAN – clean burning with lower carbon emissions than charcoal or wood.
  • RELIABLE – propane works where other energy sources don’t.
  • GOOD VALUE – propane burns efficiently and costs less than other fuels.
  • SAFE – propane has built-in safety properties and stringent safety regulations.

Get your gas and enjoy your grilling… in that order!